New York Arbitration Week

November 18-22, 2024

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NYAW 2022 Welcome Video Message

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New York International Arbitration Center and CIARB NY Branch Announce New York Arbitration Week: November 14-18, 2022

NEW YORK, May, 2022 – The New York International Arbitration Center (NYIAC) and the New York Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArbNY) are pleased to continue their joint leadership of New York Arbitration Week (NYAW) for the fourth consecutive year.  This year, the event will take place from November 14–18, 2022.  The program will continue to showcase New York as a leading global seat and center for thought leadership and feature a diverse range of formats and speakers on issues relevant to the global arbitration community.  We look forward to welcoming those who attend in person in New York and engaging with those who participate around the world.  Further details will be announced in the coming months.

The theme of New York Arbitration Week 2022 is “International Arbitration:  Who’s In Charge”.  This is a broad umbrella that includes a number of possible topics, which focus on shared responsibilities in international arbitration.  These possible themes include the allocation of responsibilities between courts and arbitral tribunals on the most sensitive issues in an arbitration; the role of users; how courts in various regions have contributed, and are contributing, to the development of international arbitration; limits to party autonomy created by arbitration institutions or tribunals; and the work being done by UNCITRAL.

NYAW 2022 will continue to showcase New York as a leading global seat and center for thought leadership.  As an equally important goal, NYAW 2022 will engage on these topics with the international arbitration community around the world, including institutions, arbitrators, scholars, and practitioners.

ABOUT: The New York Arbitration Week Organizing Committee consists of members from across the globe, reflecting NYAW’s goal of engaging with members of our international arbitration community in all regions.  This year, the Committee is chaired by Natalie L. Reid and Daniel Schimmel and includes members Ulyana Bardyn, Matthew E. Draper, Sandra González, Ndanga Kamau, Louis B. (Benno) Kimmelman, Lea Haber Kuck, Trisha Mitra, Alexandra Mitretodis, Rebeca E. Mosquera, Rekha Rangachari, Catherine A. Rogers, Aditya Singh, Steven Skulnik, Gretta Walters, Laura R. Zimmerman, as well as Committee Secretaries, Lisa Wang Lachowicz, Elias Leon, Nour Nicolas, Christel Y. Tham, Jane Tien, and Eva Paloma Treves.

NYIAC is a non-profit organization formed to advance, strengthen, and promote the conduct of international arbitration in New York.  NYC presents thought leadership programs and hosts a range of educational and networking programs and events for the international arbitration and New York ADR community.  See

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Institute) is a learned society and charity headquartered in London.  It provides worldwide scholarship and professional development for all areas of alternative dispute resolution, has approximately 17,000 members worldwide and is the only accrediting body to confer arbitrator credentials recognized around the world.  See  CIArbNY represents the Institute in the States of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut; it offers Institute training in international arbitration and other ADR programs in its territory.  See